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Is This Heaven? No, It's Brattleboro

Demeters is a Vermont, family-owned cannabis cultivator in Brattleboro. It’s our passion to produce the absolute best craft, small batch, premium flower. Our pheno hunted cultivars are slow and cold cured producing some of the best nose & bag appeal in the state. Flower is always cold-cured, hand trimmed and hand packaged. Our proprietary growing process produces some of the finest flower in the state. This flower also serves as material for our all-flower prerolls, infused prerolls, rosin and distillate cartridges. Our carts use only distillate and terpenes from our flower, not botanical terpenes like many others. You can taste and feel the quality difference when you smoke Demeter’s flower.

We Start With The Flower

And Turn it Into Great Products

Our flower is the ingredient for manufactured products too. Flower in jars, prerolls in variety packs, prerolls infused with bubble hash, distillate carts, hash, and rosin are some of our current offerings. We plan on manufacturing new and exciting products to go along with these staples.

Why Demeters?

The Difference Is In the Bud

You know about our process and the care we take to bring the best products to you in Vermont. But an added benefit that our customers take advantage of, is the fact that our process is efficient. It allows us to bring these great products to you at a lower cost that other “premium” Vermont cannabis brands. We hope you’ll enjoy our quality and our prices and we can’t wait to show you what we’re bringing to market this year.

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